Luxury like no other

Very exclusive and very inclusive, a dance of duality like no other. Something magical is rising. Stay tuned for Yucatáno. PS - looking for the Business League or the Champions Club?PPS: Learn how Yucatáno is giving back.

Also: The Yucatáno Network is live, join now! 🦄 🌞 💎

Membership like no other.

The world's most exclusive membership now has something for everyone. Find out how it works, and how Yucatáno stretches from the upper echelons of ultra-luxury to the fringes of society that need the most help.Gain the ultimate access to the most transformative experiences, they're guaranteed to move you and the planet forward.

Network like no other.

We know our members seek privacy and exclusivity, a space where one can find themselves, and where one can experience the pure joy of the high life. At the same time, Yucatáno members participate in member gatherings that span work, life, and play.Yucatáno itself is a cooperative network, and is prolific in facilitating new artistic and business endeavors. Yucatano will keep you busy, helping you satisfy your deepest cravings for authentic experiences and meaningful collaborations.

Experience like no other.

Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Gucci have their place in the world, as do Maserati, Chanel, Rolex, and others. But there's something about Yucatáno that defies description, a limitless play of the human spirit and creativity, of compassion and elite royalty.From Yucatáno Hospitality to Yucatáno Arts, explore and push your boundaries, and experience the exquisite beauty of the natural world. Inspired by Mayan culture, brought to you by Yucatáno.

Impact like no other.

Yucatáno is not just a network of high-end luxury experiences, it is also a force for good. Starting with Tulum in Mexico, a place known for unparalleled natural beauty and rich natural resources, Yucatáno is working to create 10,000 new well-paying jobs for the native population.Join us in helping clean up the natural wonders of the local biosphere with our Cenotes Challenge. Engage with local journalists, nonprofits, NGOs, and youth organizations as well as local community organizers, social entrepreneurs, extraordinary artists, and emerging leaders. Join us in bringing education, market access, and investments to the Yucatán.Yucatáno is a reflection of Effective Humanism, the new investor movement for a quadruple bottom-line. Join us, you will be transformed.

Spirit of Yucatáno

What is the meaning of life? Is there any value in all the suffering around us? Is there a goal, a higher purpose that we are moving towards? Will anyone remember or care when we're gone?Yucatáno is not only a brand that represents Ultra-Luxury, but it also a symbolizes a fresh and holistic clarity of being, one that reveals the true nature of life and experience. It is born from ancient knowledge, certainly most recently Mayan, but also older and eternal. Ultimately, the Yucatáno journey is rooted in all of us, in what we call the human self, that pure essence of humanity that binds us as One. ☀️Welcome to Yucatáno.Reach out for early access, or to get involved in building the world's first ultra-luxury brand inspired by Mayan culture:

Access like no other

The Yucatáno Business League welcomes the entrepreneur in you. Discover the power of collaborative partnerships and community commerce. Meet amazing builders, co-create new businesses, and access exclusive deals.

Passion and Purpose

A singular community of global and local Awake Business leaders, Awake Venture Partners, investors, entrepreneurs, artists, community organizers, and unique human beings, all with a mission to create positive impact on the world.

Process and Profit

A transparent and self-regulated protocol ensures members always treat each with respect, and always correctly accrue equity and profits across all joint ventures and businesses. Positive vibes, giving back, rapid growth, a natural force for mutual acceleration. Bring your network along!

Peer to Peer

"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together" goes the African proverb. The Yucatáno Business League is a close community of entrepreneurs and executives that help each other grow through partnerships and collaborations.

Protocols and Power

From advances in AI to FinTech to the metaverse and Web3, get inside access to Silicon Valley innovations across media, retail, loyalty, decentralization, financial services, gaming, and various consumer Internet verticals.

Perks and Participation

A suite of perks that empower and amplify your business side of life:

  • Featured Listings on Yucatáno Market

  • 10X commissions for businesses referred to Yucatáno Market

  • (normal earnings 0.25% of platform fees, YBL Member earns 2.5%)

  • Access to Global Markets across all Awake Networks beyond Yucatáno

  • Member Pricing for Awake Business Services (10% to 30% discount)

  • Insider Access to Events, Networking, Deals across Yucatáno: monthly brunches, quarterly gatherings, conferences

  • New Collaborations and Partnerships across art, wellness, events, new brands

  • Insider Access to Yucatáno Startup Accelerator and Yucatáno Capital

  • Exclusive Jackpots and Annual Giveaways including $100,000 annual jackpots for Yucatáno Business Star of the Year and Yucatáno Influencer of the Year

Professional Membership is priced at $500/month or $5,000/year, and Corporate Membership is $25,000/year. A discount of 50% is available for any local professional from across Mexico.Fill out the form below, and we'll reach out to onboard you into the Yucatáno Business League:

Upside like no other

The Yucatáno Champions Club welcomes the catalyst in you. Discover the power of relationships and reputation-based commerce, and convert your network into your net worth. Experience a win/win value proposition like no other.Apply to be a Partner today.

Brand & Prestige

Few global luxury brands have been based on Mayan culture, or even broadly on Mexican culture. Yucatáno changes the game for the ultra-luxury category in lifestyle products and services.Yucatáno is the aspirational brand to license across various businesses that provide high enough levels of customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Purpose & Profit

The Yucatáno Platform is an inter-connected market network of people and organizations that rockets the Yucatáno Economy forward.Due to the regenerative nature of Yucatáno economics, we expect to co-create more than 10,000 well-paying jobs in the Yucatán, and many more across Mexico and globally.Job creation is a stated design goal of Yucatáno, and is a reflection of Effective Humanism, a philosophy of investing in human-centric businesses that deliver a fourth bottom line.

Products & Services

The Yucatano Platform will launch with a few categories of experiential retail:

  • News & Media: The Yucatáno platform will aggregate relevant content from newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and other local, national, and international people and organizations

  • Travel & Hospitality: Yucatáno provides short-term rentals of ultra-luxury and premium properties, benefitting from the arbitrage against long-term leases

  • Art & Lifestyle Yucatáno will seek the top 1% of art and associated products and services from across the Yucatán

  • Health & Wellness Yucatáno serves the rapidly growing market for alternative wellness and products and services related to meditation, yoga, and spirituality

  • Events & Performances Yucatáno shall arrange private performances and business events, as well as events that are more open to the public at large

  • Philanthropy & Causes 11% of net income is donated to various causes that need urgent attention and action. Yucatáno is a force for good, with strong fourth bottom line economics that benefits everyone

Cities & Countries

Yucatáno is a global and digital brand designed to be international from day one.Starting with Tulum, the hospitality and related services will follow geography. Yucatáno is seeking local corporate partners to run each region as a sub-network.Yucatáno is seeking Brand Operators outside Tulum, starting with Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel, and Isla Mujeres.

Sponsors & Referrals

Not only do Partners with the Yucatáno Champions Club get financial benefits, but they also get to grow the team by inviting the right new business people into the Partnership.Every new Partner is sponsored (referred in) by an existing one. Sponsors earn a bonus for every new Partner they refer, and an ongoing referral fee (sponsorship referrals) from their new incoming Partner.Become a Partner with the Yucatáno Champions Club and discover a new type of upside that is financially and spiritually rewarding.

Become a Partner:

Different Partnership Levels are available: Gold ($10K), Diamond ($50K), and Platinum (140K). Partners with the Yucatáno Champions Club also receive complimentary memberships of the Yucatáno Business League.Reach out to learn more and to get started:

A company like no other

Yucatáno is registered as a Limited Liability Partnership in the state of Ohio, in the United States. The official name is Yucatáno Champions LLP and was founded by Amit Rathore along with friend and colleague Dave Sanders.A primary goal of Yucatáno is to create a network of empowered human beings that drive the brand forward across all axes of association - mental wellness, meditation, yoga, spirituality, art, experiences, food, music, digital media, books, games, and merchandise.Mail: Yucatano Champions LLP, 4 W 4th Ave, 6th Floor Werqwise AwakeVC, San Mateo CA 94402.
Call: 1-415-800-4888.

A feeling like no other

Yucatáno welcomes the giver in you. Discover the meaning of life through giving back. The world is full of takers, it is time to change the script. Experience the euphoric high of making a difference in a stranger's life, and experience inner joy like no other.

The New 11%

We are all people of the planet, and if we do not take care of it and each other, then who will?So powered and guided by the ancient Mayan spirits of the Yucatan, we offer 11% of our top-line revenue back to the ecosystems that support us, both human and natural. Each percentage point of this designated revenue flows into a non-profit fund for the respective cause.We know that giving back to society and the biosphere that supports our very existence empowers us to grow stronger and faster, while doing it the right way, the win/win way.

Cenotes Challenge

One Percent for the Cenotes.Water is the essence of life, and it is only the unawareness of this fact, that humankind ends up destroying bodies of freshwater.So reach out to donate alongside us, we are helping clean up this extraordinary system of underground rivers. Unfortunately, most cenotes are no longer fit for human enjoyment as the pollutants have been known to cause multiple types of sickness.So help us help nature recover, we're asking you: if you have enjoyed the cenotes here within the last 15 years, please reach out to us, we need you to help us fix this. You know who you are, you know what we mean. And if you have not enjoyed them yet, then help us get them ready for you.

Jungles & Trees

One Percent for the Jungle.Yucatáno was born in Tulum and like many places in the Yucatán, construction is rapidly changing the living jungle into a more concrete one.We refuse to go down the path of our sister towns in the Amazon, with merciless destruction of their rainforests. We weep for them, but we stand strong here to protect the ecological balance of this magical place.Yucatáno invites you to help us plant one billion trees in the area within the next ten years. Local nonprofits have already planted nearly thirty million trees here in the last eight years, and with your help, we can help them plant trees more than ten times faster.

Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship

One Percent for Self-Reliance.What keeps a human being from becoming fully independent and a productive member of society? At Yucatáno, we pay extra attention to education and the role it plays in the life of the modern man (or woman), particularly financial literacy. We go above and beyond with the Yucatáno Center for Hyperlocal Entrepreneurship focusing on hands-on training and internships in the world of business.Join us - we're looking for resources to scale this program, so we may create 10,000 new well-paying incomes for local people from the region, within the next three years.

Jungles & Animals

One Percent for the Fauna.It's flora and fauna, and we're on the job. The Yucatán has much wealth in native animal populations, and also many that need help. With our partners, we're working to protect turtles, jaguars, and other species.Join Yucatáno on this mission, so we can all enjoy the natural bounty of our planet together.

More causes are coming soon, there's much work to be done by all of us, and we're eager to grow our impact. PS - we still have six (6) whole percentage points to allocate!In the meantime, learn more about the Yucatano Business League or the Yucatano Champions Club. Or reach out below, and we'll get back to you:

Humans & Robots

One Percent for the Humanities.Everyone is feeling the oncoming rush of Artificial Intelligence and endless and soul-crushing automation that will follow. Luckily, what machines lack in creativity, humans more than make up for, but only if we let them, indeed, only if we encourage and amplify the artistic and the human.We allocate a percentage of our revenue to supporting liberal arts in the modern world. We do this through a grant program, you're welcome to also donate towards this effort, we call it the Yucatáno Humans in Residence.